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Date: Aug 4 - Aug 7
Site: Uchee Creek Campground Activity Center
Address: 7 Uchee Creek Rd Ft Mitchell AL  36856
GPS: N 32º 18.179’ W 84º 58.067’

See below for Special ASA Classic Info and directions.

Scoring ASA 3D Targets

  • Delta McKenzie Targets
  • Easton Archery
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Mathews Archery
  • Truball
  • Realtree
  • Leupold Optics
  • New Breed Archery
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Special Information for the ASA Classic
Shooter of the Year Pairings: In classes that average more than 30 shooters per Pro/Am we will peer group the top competitors to include anyone within 10 points of the top three in Shooter of the Year points.
Shooter of the Year Awards: In all classes that average more than 10 shooters per Pro/Am we will be awarding the Champion and the top two finalists. In classes with less than 10 shooters we will only award the Champion.
Pro ShootDown: The Pro ShootDown will be held at the Columbus Civic Center on Saturday evening along with the award ceremonies for Junior Eagle, Elementary Pins, Elementary Open, Youth Traditional and the Traditional Class with the awards beginning at 6:00pm. Doors open at 5:00pm and food service will be available.
Team Realtree Shoot Off: The Team Realtree Shoot Off preliminaries will be held at the competition site beginning at 4:00pm on Saturday. The five finalists will be competing in the final long shot following the Pro ShootDown at the Columbus Civic Center.
Zebra Bow Strings Team Shoot, Special Times: There will be a Team Shoot held at 1:00pm on Thursday with pros and the Friday Team Shoot will also be held at 1:00pm without the pro classes who will be shooting their first competition round on Friday.
Friday is "Taste of the ASA Classic" day: The ASA sponsors will once again be presenting the Taste of the ASA Classic with special food stations set throughout the tournament village. Everyone is invited to join in the fun, the food and to enter into a drawing for prizes from our sponsors. Be sure to be there from 3:30pm to 5:00pm on Friday. Prize winner lists will be posted Saturday and the prize pick up will be directly from the sponsor.
Special Classic Shooting Times: We will be using special start times for many classes and please note that all classes that shoot on Saturday and Sunday morning will be shooting at 7:30am Eastern Time.
From Atlanta / Montgomery / Eufaula

From Atlanta, GA

I-85 south to exit 21, I-185 South to Columbus
Stay on I-185 to Exit 10, Highway 80 west to Phenix City
Take Highway 80 to last exit and turn left onto Highway 280/431/80 south
Take Highway 280/431/80 south and go right at the Highway 431 south exit
Take Highway 431 to Highway 165 South and turn left
Take Highway 165 south to 101st Airborne Rd and turn left
Stay on 101st Airborne Rd past the first stop sign. Follow signs to Uchee Creek Campground, turn left on Uchee Creek Rd. The Uchee Creek Activity Center will be on the left

From Montgomery, Alabama

Take 1-85 north to Exit 62, Highway 280 East
Stay on Highway 280 which turns into 280/431/80 in Phenix City to Highway 431 south
Take Highway 431 south and turn left on Highway 165 South
Take Highway 165 to 101st Airborne Rd and turn left
Stay on 101st Airborne Rd past the first stop sign, then follow signs to Uchee Creek Campground and turn left on Uchee Creek Rd - Uchee Creek Activity Center will be on the left

From Eufaula, Alabama

Take 165 North (right off of Highway 431) to 101st Airborne Rd (Right turn)
Stay on 101st Airborne Rd past the first stop sign, then follow signs to Uchee Creek Campground and turn left on Uchee Creek Rd - Uchee Creek Activity Center will be on the left

Since its inception in 1993 the Archery Shooters Association, headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, has hosted tens of thousands of amateur and professional archers from across the United States in national and state 3-D competitions. The state level organization is known as the ASA Federation, while the national level is the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour. The Federation has chapters in 30 states with over 7,000 members and 300 clubs. Features that distinguish ASA competitions include standardized competition rules; professionally executed shooting ranges; high standards for dress and conduct; safety standards that include a maximum arrow speed standard; the copyrighted 12-ring and 14-ring scoring system; and the largest paybacks in national competitive 3-D archery.

ASA 3-D Archery: ASA 3-D archery features competitive rounds of 20 lifelike, three-dimensional animal targets made of foam. The scoring rings are not visible from the shooting stake and binoculars are allowed. Advanced archers must determine the distance to the target, pick a good aiming point, and execute the shot. The ASA was the first archery organization to implement a speed limit for safety and to establish a level playing field for 3-D competition. Beginning in 2007, the ASA was the first national organization to incorporate known distance competition to provide competitors with another option for competing in 3-D archery.

McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour: The ASA Pro/Am Tour is a national series of six Pro/Am tournaments, plus the Championship “Classic” which are recognized as the best run, highest paying, and most exciting events in 3-D archery. Competitors pay entry fees based on their competitive division in both pro and amateur classes, and they receive cash awards, trophies, and accumulate points toward the prestigious “Shooter of the Year” award in their class.

If you are a target archer, bowhunter or just interested in getting started in archery, the ASA will provide you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with new friends, learn about the latest equipment, improve your archery skills, and spend time with great people.