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1.      All 45 yard classes are rolled back to the 280 fps arrow speed rule.
2.      Shooters are only allowed to let-down twice. They will receive a score of Zero for a third let-down.
3.      Use of magnification and light in scoring.
 New classes are:
4.      Men’s:   Known Pro (Known 50 is now all amateur), Super Senior Known, Men’s Known 40 (Men’s Open C is now half known & half unknown) and Men’s Hunter Elite (replaces Men’s Unlimited).
Women’s:  Women’s Senior Known, Women’s Hunter Elite and Women’s Traditional.

5.  NEW High School, Middle School and Elementary School Arrow Rule:  For ALL school classes (High, Middle & Elem) the maximum diameter of arrow shafts will not exceed 9.3mm or .366", and the field or glue-in point for these arrows will have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm or .370"

Scoring ASA 3D Targets

  • Delta McKenzie Targets
  • Easton Archery
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Mathews Archery
  • Truball
  • Realtree
  • Leupold Optics
  • New Breed Archery
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First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a MATHEWS GENUINE BOWSTRINGS certificate
Second Place - $60 EACH        

RANGE W - Lower (Pink Card)



RANGE W - Upper (Purple Card)


Tim Gillingham First   Eddie Sullivant First
Shawn Beebe 20 Up   Scott Parrott 27 Up
Michael Harris     Pam Hockman  
Steve Williamson     R B Smith  
Teddy Poe     Jennifer Meeks  
Justin Mooney     Chris Wook  
Allen Conner Second   Dominic Demichele Second
Michael Barnes 18 Up   Brandon Triplett 26 Up
Nathan Meshberger     Kile Westerman  
R C Shoemaker     Gary Rex  
Alex Orberson     Adam Gibbs  
Marc Gruber     Josh Johnson  
RANGE X - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE X UPPER (Purple Card)  
Brian Barley First   Danny Hall First
Kevin Miller 30 Up   Kent Stigall 28 Up
Jeff Waits     Barry Moon  
Mike Carr     Roger Wheaton  
Dustin Carr     Jason Ladd  
Chelsey Dellinger        
Mark Thompson Second   James Hornbuckle Second
Jeff Lamar 24 Up   Dalton Thompson 27 Up
Scott McCall     Barbie Robinson  
Larry Wyrick     Dana Geoghagan  
Dave Frederick     Ken Lantz  
Stone Allen        
RANGE Y - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Purple Card)  
David Lay First   Doug Fruge First
David Hasty 30 Up   Kevin Capps 27 Up
Kenny Vaughn     Dennis Page  
Greg Bleier     Mason Tompkins  
Ivy Allsbrooks     Michael Ridge  
Wes Keen     Bobby North  
Carl Adkins Second   Randall Jones Second
Bobby Davidson 26 Up   BG Dye 22 Up
Earl Farrior     Jerry Shehane  
Mike West     Nolen Barber  
Jeremy Bennett     Forrest Cooper  
Jeff Flores     Mitch Kerr  
RANGE Z - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Z UPPER (Purple Card)  
Mason Smith First   Adam Hayden First
Richard Statler 46 Up   Michael Lundeen 48 Up
Bobby Jones     James Daniels  
Cory Smith     Michael Hall  
Adam Smart     David Gibson  
Zach Griffith     Kelly King  
Gary Studt Second   Matt Epperly Second
Matt Varnes 40 Up   Jason Hale 38 Up
Randall Jones     Reggie Darden  
Erick Swanger     Scott Davis  
Chester Suttle     Jake Kreck  
Dalton King        
RANGE K - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE K UPPER (Purple Card)  
Cindy Steele First   Kaitlyn Price First
James Wright 26 Up   Julian Sanchez 28 Up
Lewis Clanton     Abe Haines  
Charles Buhler     Manddi Briggs  
Cliff Foreman     Caleb Baird  
Jeff Stevers     Justin Abner  
Sharon Carpenter Second   Ben Selman Second
Dan Perdieu 22 Up   Donnie Thacker 21 Up
Michael Norton     Todd Pool  
Sarah Martin     Vickey Marler  
Wayne Brasier     Tim Ryan  
Barney Thompson     Shawn Padgett