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2015 Pro/Am Update

 Thanks to everyone who joined us in Florida. Our attendance was up by over 200 shooters from last year although many were unable to make the trip due to the weather conditions. Hopefully everyone got home safely.

 Based on last year’s Phenix City / Uchee Creek record attendance we will be shooting the Young Adult, Open C, Bow Novice, Youth Boys, High School Pins and Middle School Pins classes at 8:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday. As we posted in the Tour Guide, these classes will have the option of shooting their first round at 2:00pm on Friday and then their second round at 8:00am on Saturday. Based on sunset at 7:30pm we will have plenty of daylight and we will have the awards for these classes starting around 6:30pm on Saturday.

 Please note that part of the Open B class will also shoot the 8:00am / 3:00pm Saturday times after the first 80 are registered for the 11:00am time.

 As part of the program for those who complete their class competition on Saturday we will host our 30-yard class youth shooters in the Opti-Logic Youth Team Shoot at 9:00am on Sunday for a $5.00 entry fee with prizes for the first and second place team. The LimbSaver range also will be open for the Young Adult, Bow Novice, Open C and Open B classes for starting times from 8:00am to 10:00am on Sunday.

Hope to see all of you there,


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  • Bear Archery
  • Lancaster Archery
First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a MATHEWS GENUINE BOWSTRINGS certificate
Second Place - $60 EACH        
RANGE A - Lower (Pink Card) Place   RANGE A - Upper (Purple Card) Place
Emily Beaubouef First   Jacob Marlow First
Johnny Ingram 38 Up   Gerry Risinger 24 Up
Morgan Strohacker     Doc Jones  
Barbie Robinson     Forrest Cooper  
Julian Sanchez     Lara Chenault  
Kaitlyn Price Second   Phil Long Second
Sandi Davis 24 Up   Gary Meadows 20 Up
Cody Ahlstrom     Barry Henderson  
Davis Dunnican     Robert Vayro  
Ben Cox     Jonathan Briggs  
RANGE B - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE B - UPPER (Purple Card)  
Carl Adkins First   Tipton Cook First
Jason Hale 8 Up   Charlie Davis 20 Up
Jackson East     Phil Jacobs  
Amber Abate     Renee Hornbuckle  
Roy Duncan     Brian Robinette  
Bob Morgan Second   John Fernandez Second
Keith Ahlstrom 2 Dn   Daniel Mackey 14 Up
Bill Fulton     RE Smith  
Rhys Aizlewood     Amanda Stiff  
Andy Doss     Houston Smith  
RANGE C - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE C - UPPER (Purple Card)  
Brandon Reyes First   Gary Studt First
Mark Ritchie 28 Up   Michael Pate 38 Up
Kelcey Moreland     Dan Perdieu  
Lucas Roy     Hunter Runyon  
      Walt Pittman  
Stephen Altizer Tie Second   Steve Scott Second
Mike Carr 26 Up   Enoch Phetteplace 32 Up
Mike Rodgers     Perry Hughes  
Dustin Carr     Sam Wolthuis  
Tim Gillingham Tie Second      
Daniel Fowler 26 Up      
David Houser        
Samuel Smith        
Justin Martin Tie Second      
Jason Rhodes 26 Up      
Joe Kreck        
Callen Blackshear