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1.      All 45 yard classes are rolled back to the 280 fps arrow speed rule.
2.      Shooters are only allowed to let-down twice. They will receive a score of Zero for a third let-down.
3.      Use of magnification and light in scoring.
 New classes are:
4.      Men’s:   Known Pro (Known 50 is now all amateur), Super Senior Known, Men’s Known 40 (Men’s Open C is now half known & half unknown) and Men’s Hunter Elite (replaces Men’s Unlimited).
Women’s:  Women’s Senior Known, Women’s Hunter Elite and Women’s Traditional.

5.  NEW High School, Middle School and Elementary School Arrow Rule:  For ALL school classes (High, Middle & Elem) the maximum diameter of arrow shafts will not exceed 9.3mm or .366", and the field or glue-in point for these arrows will have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm or .370"

Scoring ASA 3D Targets

  • Delta McKenzie Targets
  • Easton Archery
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Mathews Archery
  • Truball
  • Realtree
  • Leupold Optics
  • New Breed Archery
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First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a MATHEWS GENUINE BOWSTRINGS certificate
Second Place - $60 EACH, Tie-2nd Place - $30      
RANGE W - Lower (Pink Card) Place   RANGE W - Upper (Purple Card) Place
Richard Owens First   Michael Evans First
Dennis Page 33 Up   Frank Carter 30 Up
James Smith     Kenneth Moseley  
Jesse Henson     Lamar Pettit  
Eduardo Sanchez     Rodney Halford  
Phillip mendoza Second   Bill Lewis Second
Don James 25 Up   Al Hankins 26 Up
David Wenner     John Thompson  
Manny Jimenez     Charles Young  
Zachary Hutcherson     Gerald Skees  
RANGE X - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE X UPPER (Purple Card)  
Richard Statler First   Jason Rhodes First
Corey Meske 19 Up   Gary Crain 16 Up
Wayne Brasier     Megan Freeman  
Wendy Thompson     Alex Orberson  
Barry Henderson Second   Tommy Ulmer Second
Nick Younger 15 Up   Michael Pate 12 Up
Stephani Poe     Charles Buhler  
      Amber Abate  
      Andy Bond  
RANGE Y - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Purple Card)  
Chris McDonald First   Mike Carr First
Keith Ahlstrom 32 Up   Michael Whalen 38 Up
Gerry Risinger     Susan Fruge  
Callen Blackshear     Dustin Carr  
Daniel Fowler Second   Clint Poffenberger Tie
Sammy Closser 26 Up   Dallas Caudle 38 Up
Daivd Houser     Louie Zannetakis  
Brett Howard     Pam Hockman  
RANGE Z - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Z UPPER (Purple Card)  
Chris Berry First   Sam Morrow First
Steve Howard 32 Up   CB Scruggs 22 Up
Cody Ahlstrom     Guy Stanford  
Billy Atkinson     Rusty Wallace  
Aaron Whitaker     Jason Bailey  
Gary Mattingly        
Sam Wolthuis Second   Corey Bryant Tie
Matt Meeks 25 Up   Steve Saylors 22 Up
Roy Cox     Levi Jackie Morgan  
Hugh Bryant     Dawayne Schneberger  
Matt Baringer     Gary Meadows  
Brett Dennis        
RANGE E - Lower (Pink Card)        
Andrew Callaway First      
Jason Dickey 22 Up      
Laura Chumley        
Larry Burkhart        
Travis Sikes        
Patrick Baird Second      
Jeffrey Sturgeon 19 Up      
Matt Loggins        
Kenny Beam        
Brayden Beam