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2015 Pro/Am Update

 Thanks to everyone who joined us in Florida. Our attendance was up by over 200 shooters from last year although many were unable to make the trip due to the weather conditions. Hopefully everyone got home safely.

 Based on last year’s Phenix City / Uchee Creek record attendance we will be shooting the Young Adult, Open C, Bow Novice, Youth Boys, High School Pins and Middle School Pins classes at 8:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday. As we posted in the Tour Guide, these classes will have the option of shooting their first round at 2:00pm on Friday and then their second round at 8:00am on Saturday. Based on sunset at 7:30pm we will have plenty of daylight and we will have the awards for these classes starting around 6:30pm on Saturday.

 Please note that part of the Open B class will also shoot the 8:00am / 3:00pm Saturday times after the first 80 are registered for the 11:00am time.

 As part of the program for those who complete their class competition on Saturday we will host our 30-yard class youth shooters in the Opti-Logic Youth Team Shoot at 9:00am on Sunday for a $5.00 entry fee with prizes for the first and second place team. The LimbSaver range also will be open for the Young Adult, Bow Novice, Open C and Open B classes for starting times from 8:00am to 10:00am on Sunday.

Hope to see all of you there,


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          2013 Brunton Bonus Round Winners   
      A pair of Brunton Binoculars to highest score
Event Name Class
Classic Calvin Gross YT
  Zack Hill YT
  Gavin King YT
  Cheyenne Gregg YG
  Tara Currie YG
  Grace Weatherley YG
  Jase Boils YP
  Brayden Beam YP
  Brandon Whitt YP
  Eduardo Sanchez YAP
  Forrest Cooper YAP
  Seth Minor YAP
  Brian Shultz BN
  Brent Wilbnaks BN
  Dave Johnson BN
  Julie Halder WH
  Bridget Davis WH
  Michelle Carver WH
Illinois Jeremy Elliot YA
  Jonathan Clark YA
  David Houser YA
  Jason Dickey OC
  Adam Gibson OC
  Reggie Darden OC
Kentucky Steven Williams OB
  Dustin McEvoy OB
  Dan Perdieu OB
  Joe Lucuis MU
  Brian Scott MU
  Jeff Waits MU
Texas Mark Dreiling TR
  Tiger Garoby TR
  Dewayne Martin TR
  Lane Clanton SE
  Evan Clark SE
  Brayden Jones SE
  John Tyler Colvin EA
  Kolby Crooks EA
  Jackson Rhodes EA
  Kasen Dunham JE
  Raymond Davis JE
  Alexia Robers JE
  Gary Hawkins SS
  Butch Wolf SS
  Barry Jenkins SS
  Bob Sampson SM
  Roger Wheaton  SM
  RE Smith SM
  Christy Crawford WK
  Megan Freeman WK
  Amber Abate WK
  Cindy Snyder SW
  Brownie Curry SW
  Janice Williams SW
  Kim Rigney WOB
  Kayla Dowell WOB
  Shelley Wampler WOB
  David Gibson HT
  Justin Wampler HT
  Ryan Hurt HT
  Steve Williamson CB
  Robby Warren CB
  Rowdy Givens CB
  Chris Breeden ML
  Gregg Ayers ML
  Jim Blankinship ML
Florida Andrew Callaway SP
  Chris Berry K5
  Ken Lantz K5
  Mitchell Irvin K5
  Phillips Mendoza SP
  Curt Henderson SP
Alabama Stacey Phetteplace WOA
  Pam Hockman WOA
  Lara Chenault WOA
  Clayton Gingerich OA
  Patrick Baird OA
  Charles Burns OA
Louisiana Matt Strickland K45
  Wills Bollin K45
  Jerry Kemp K45
  Billy Bumgardner SR
  Marty Chambers SR
  Perry Hughes SR