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2015 Pro/Am Update

SOY has been updated to reflect Cullman results

Important Notice:  ASA will no longer supply yardage sheets for any of the 40, 45 or 50 yard classes.  There will be sheets on Saturday and Sunday for ONLY the 30 yard classes as needed.

The list of Peer Groupings for the Classic is below. (scroll down)




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  • Delta McKenzie Targets
  • Easton Archery
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Mathews Archery
  • Truball
  • Realtree
  • Bear Archery
  • Lancaster Archery
2013 Lancaster Archery Benefit Shoot Long Shot Winners
All Long Shot  winners qualify for the Team Realtree Shoot Off
**After qualifying anyone who subsequently hits the dot gets a $25 Lancaster Gift Card - Maximum 2 cards per event 
Classic Name ASA#              
Long Shot  Nathan Brooks 7719              
Long Shot  Clint Poffenberger 18358              
Long Shot  Tyler Marlow 24870              
Long Shot  Michael Pate 70707              
Long Shot  Jon Everett 70553              
Long Shot  Blake Kreck 70765 **            
Long Shot  Blake Burger 6155              
Long Shot  Donnie Thancker 17630              
Long Shot  Toby Thompson 13839              
Long Shot  Wes Lawson 70819              
Long Shot  Mike LeRowe 17734              
Long Shot  Colin Boothe 526 ****            
Long Shot  Brent Qualls 37354              
Long Shot  James Wright 16089              
Long Shot  Mike Carr 34955              
Long Shot  Bobby Davidson 24156