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Date: Aug 4 - Aug 7
Site: Uchee Creek Campground Activity Center
Address: 7 Uchee Creek Rd Ft Mitchell AL  36856
GPS: N 32º 18.179’ W 84º 58.067’

See below for Special ASA Classic Info and directions.

Scoring ASA 3D Targets

  • Delta McKenzie Targets
  • Easton Archery
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Mathews Archery
  • Truball
  • Realtree
  • Leupold Optics
  • New Breed Archery
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2103 Team Realtree Shoot Off Winners

Kevin Koch (Men’s Pro) wins a Full Range of all the 2013 McKenzie Pro/Am Tour targets shipped directly to him after he came with-in 1 ¾ “ of the center one inch dot on the McKenzie Caribou.


Greg Moyer (Open B) came in second winning a Hoyt Bow with a shot 2 7/8“ from the dot.


Colin Boothe (Senior Pro) finished third getting a Mathews Bow with his shot of 6 7/8” from the dot.


Matt Meeks (Open B) finishing fourth wins a Limb Saver package when his arrow hit 9 7/8” from the dot.


Tyler Marlow rounded out the winners coming in fifth winning a Nikon package with a shot that was 11 5/8” from the dot.


Congratulations to all for a great long shot event.