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Hoyt Archery  Pro/Am

March 20 - 22, 2015


DayTimes Activities
Wednesday: Noon - 5 PM   Practice Facilities open
Thursday: 10 AM - 5 PM   Registration / Practice Facilities open
 Mar. 19th Noon – 4 PM   Limb Saver Known Distance – Tee-times
  5:00 PM   Facilities close
 Friday: 8:00 AM   Registration / Practice Facilities open
 Mar. 20th  8AM – 5 PM    Limb Saver Known Distance – Tee-times
  1:00 PM   Zebra Bowstrings Team Shoot
  4:00 PM   Zebra Bowstrings Team Shoot - Awards Presentation
  1:00 PM   Ft Benning Cup Military Team Competition
  4:00 PM   Ft Benning Cup Military Team Competiiton Awards
  5:00 PM   Registration Closes
  6:00 PM   Facilities close
Saturday:     Safety Meetings are held 40 minutes prior to all first round competitions and all
 Mar. 21st     competitors are to be on their assigned stake fifteen minutes before start time.
  6:30 AM   Registration / Practice Facilities open
  7:45 AM   All Eagle Classes & Elementary Pins - Safety Meeting & competition round
  8:00 AM   First Round – Shotgun Start - Youth Boys, High School & Middle School Pins,
      Open C, Young Adult, Bow Novice & Traditional
  8AM – 5 PM   Limb Saver Known Distance – Tee-times
  10:00 AM   First Round - Shotgun Start – All Pro Classes & K-50
  11:00 AM   First Round - Shotgun Start - 11:00AM Classes
  11:30 AM   Future Champions ASA Coaching Clinic
  12 Noon   First Round - Shotgun Start – Noon Classes
  3:00 PM   Second Round - Shotgun Start – All classes from 8:00AM Start
  3:00 PM   Future Champions ASA Pro Session
  4:00 PM   Award Ceremony - All Eagle Classes, Elementary Pins & Traditional
  4:30 PM   McKenzie Speed Shoot - Sign Up at ASA Registration
  6:45 PM   Awards Ceremony - Open C, Bow Novice, High School Pins
      Middle School Pins, Youth Boys & Young Adult
  7:00 PM   Facilities close
Sunday: 6:30 AM   Sunrise Services / Practice facilities open
 Mar. 22nd 7:45 AM   All morning competitors at their stake
  8:00 AM   Second Round – Shotgun Start
  8:00 - 10 AM   Limb Saver Known Distance - Tee-times
  9:00 AM   Youth Class Known Distance Bonus Shoot
  1:00 PM   Awards Ceremony - All completed amateur classes
  1:15 PM   "Pro Pressure Point" ShootDown
  2:30 PM   Facilities close - See you in Paris, Texas April 23 - 26!


To all of our Spectators, Guests, and Archery Enthusiasts: Spectators are always welcome to visit the ranges after the range officials have signaled for the competition to begin. The ranges are designed to be spectator friendly, and we appreciate your compliance with the following reminders:

  1. Spectators are not allowed on the ranges prior to the shotgun start.
  2. Refrain from conversations that could interfere with the shooters’ concentration.
  3. No pets will be permitted to walk on the ranges.
  4. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off to avoid disturbing competitors.
  5. Coaching is not permitted during competition.
  6. Range finders are not permitted.
  7. The use of cameras and video equipment must be approved and will be monitored (no flash equipment may be used to avoid distracting the shooters.)