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All High 40 & 50 qualify for the Team Realtree Shootoff

Classic Winners

High 50 Yard        Josh Isenhoff K45 114 7
High 40 Yard Dustin Carr HOM 118 9
High 40 Yard Dalton Richardson            HOM 118 9
High 40 Yard Jerome Dixon OC 118 9
High 40 Yard Keldon Jones OC 118 9
High Youth John Tyler Colvin MOM 106 4

2016  Winners   

1-Brent Qualls (Semi-Pro)       1/2” from hitting the dot won full range of McKenzie 2017 ASA Pro/Am Tournament targets and the Buffalo

2-Kevin Stacey (Senior Pro )   1 5/8” from dot and won a Mathews Bow

3-Nathan Brooks (Open Pro)   2 3/8” from dot and won Hoyt Bow

4-David Houser (Kn 50)          3 3/4” from dot and won Hoyt Bow

5-John Winker (Kn 45)           5 3/4” from dot and won Nikon Optics pack

6-Wesley Kinder (Open C)     8’ from the dot and won LimbSaver Bow


All Long Shot  winners qualify for the Team Realtree Shoot Off           
**After qualifying anyone who subsequently hits the dot            
gets a $25 Lancaster Gift Card - Maximum 2 cards per event        

Long ShotNameASA#Class
Classic Wesley Kinder 46889 K50
Classic Sam Wolthuis 16386 K50
Classic James Malone 7397 K50
Classic Oscar Westbrook 9191 SM
Classic Tim Smith 43402 OC
Classic Andy Doss 15325 PS
Classic Sammy Closser 37743 K45
Classic Tyler Chubb 31323 K50
Classic Houston Smith 70868 OP
Classic Seth Greene 33293 OA
Classic Randy Patterson 18076 K50
Classic Michael Heitz 41867 K50
Classic David Houser 70926 K50
Classic Mark Ritchie 36162 K50
Illinois Kevin Koch 27768 MP
Illinois Bryan Robbins 70427 SK
Illinois Allen Conner 51 PS
Illinois Nathan Brooks 7719 MP
Illinois Joby Shaw 40274 MP
Illinois Richard Leftwich 13286 K50
Illinois Forrest Cooper 37184 OA
Illinois John Winker 40029 K45
Illinois Jamie Wilbanks 26367 SR
Illinois Kevin Stacey 39969 PS
Illinois Stephen Sapp 4574 K45
Illinois Tim Gillingham 2325 MP
Illinois Marc Gruber 39615 K50
Illinois John Brawley 44230 K45
Illinois Jammy Miller 43193 OA
Illinois Eric Roe 45637 BN
Kentucky Paul Spears 43831 BN
Kentucky Shane Siers 16501 MP
Kentucky TJ Strychalski 47075 K50
Kentucky John Adams 32934 K45
Kentucky John Clifton 6957 SP
Kentucky Brad Adams 37834 SP
Kentucky Chris Sowards 16873 OC
Kentucky Randy Hendrix ** 628 PS
Kentucky Steve Smith 17812 K45
Kentucky Danny Evans 9758 MP
Texas Taylor Shuck 46688 OC
Texas Matt Meeks 33295 OA
Texas Tim Boykin 15149 Pro
Texas Preston Roberson 41940 K50
Texas Brent Barron 30195 OA
Foley Tony Weston 15110 MP
Foley Greg Copeland 36664 K50
Foley Terry Patterson 40510 SK
Foley Harrison Starr 44132 SP
Foley Brent Qualls 37354 SP
Foley Adam Jirovsky 70816 K50
Foley Casey Weston 38346 K50
Foley Rod Cook 22377 SR
Foley James Smith 34567 SK

Head-to-Head Winners of the LimbSaver Known Distance Shoot Off

40 yard range winner:      Dustin Carr, HOM, 118/9


50 yard range winner:      Brian Monaco, Semi-Pro, 106/4


Congratulations to Dustin and Brian who each won a LimbSaver

                       package including a bow and a complete line of accessories

Zebra Trophy Bowstrings and Cables Team Shoot - Classic at Ft Benning Friday Am/Am

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate

Second Place - $60 EACH

RANGE G - Lower (Pink Card)Place RANGE G - Upper (Purple Card)Place
Dustin Jackson First   Bruce Daniels First
Wayne Johnson 50 Up   Steven Sanders 48Up
Matthew McKenna     Troy Hall  
Bailey Smith     Jill Gurley  
      Justin Reeves  
Ramon Hernandez     Russ Freeman  
Wesley Barker Second   Sam Closser Second
Erik Mattingly 48 Up   Darren Meadows 40 Up
Marty Chambers     Kevin Fansher  
Stacy Hudson     Tara Adkins  
Willie Faniel     Harold Herchberger  
Hunter Cline     Kelly King  
RANGE H - Lower (Pink Card) Place   RANGE H - Upper (Purple Card) Place
Bob Miller First   Aric Camp First
Jerry Shehane 34 Up   Bimbo Tidwell 44 Up
Barry Moon     Butch Heath  
Travis Wagaman     Hugh Bryant  
Matt Hall     Olivia Hay  
Doug Brockman     Kevin Cannon  
Jock Thompson Second   Michael Norton Second
Chris Shelton Tied 31 Up   Brad Wood 40 Up
John Davis     Perry Hughes  
Boots Kretzmeier     John Whalen  
Dylan Grothe     Jason Nabors  
Jody Saffels     Meredith Rogers  
Donnie Meadows        
Troy Pickles        
Ben Meadows        
Victor Marrone        
Jillian Ballenger        
David Parsons        
RANGE K - Lower (Pink Card) Place   RANGE K - Upper (Purple Card) Place
Casey Weston First   Mark Keese First
Bill Lewis 38 Up   Ray Hickman 42 Up
Josh Naylor     Chris Hann  
Megan Coleman     Traci Taylor  
Kylen Buley        
Dennis Page Second   CB Scruggs Second
Marvin Mullen Tied 36 Up   Eddy Jamerson 38 Up
Matt Coleman     Zachary Hutcherson  
Rebecca Johnson     Vickie Eaves  
Grant Elsley     Brandi Stowers  
Derik Brooks        
Bobby Crouse        
Louie Zannetakis        
Lesley Biesk        
RANGE L - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE L UPPER (Purple Card)  
Brian Moriarty First   Matt Meeks First
Alan Rickles 30 Up   Kennith Owens 38 Up
Clint Moore     Max Baker  
Darric Westerman     Bradford Sauls  
      Bryce Pennington  
Derek Nester Second   Mark Leatherman Second
James Lee 26 Up   Lee Hulsey 30 Up
Ethan Gerlad     Aaron Glass  
Gerald Skees     Ethan Johnson  
      Phil Jacobs