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PRO/AM TARGET SALES -  PROCEDURE for 2015: To better serve our clubs and members the ASA office will provide the coordination for range sales and pick-up after the completion of each Pro/Am. Please contact the ASA office (770) 795-0232 and we will directly assist you, or your club, in arranging for purchases through M&L Event Services. They will be offering the complete twenty (20) target ranges, plus the option to buy a full set of twenty (20) new replacement cores along with the targets.  All targets are the Pinnacle Series and the replacement cores are EZ Flex Foam.

They will be offering the event ranges (20 targets) for $3,500.00 and a full set of 20 replacement cores for $750.00 ($4,250 in total). 

A limited number of individual 3-D targets and site-in practice bags will be available for purchase at each Pro/Am from the McKenzie sponsor tent on a first-come basis.