Not necessarily so Tim --- hope yer sittin in the saddle, n' got yer feet in the stirrups cause the ride is just about to begin. I have been working on a project for sometime --- for the moment, let's call it a "geezer project". Through thousands of hours of research,and formulizin I am about to release (patent pending), a "senior citizen automobile periscope" --- take them shorties a the likes a Clawed n' Carlossi, they will soon be able to see what's ahead of them as they roar down the interstate. The periscope will protrude up above the roof the vehicle, and the driver motors down the road, as he looks thru the strategic , operator friendly eyepieces of the periscope --- kinda like lookin thru a pair a Apex 12X50 binos --- although you have the option of what power you want --- just so you realize, that the higher the power, the closer things will look to you, but actually aren't which would positively negate any rear-end collisions, so yer collision insurance should go down as well. --- quite contrary to the side mirror on the passneger side where everything looks further away than they really are. Better put yer orders in now, cause the waitin list is growing.

Oh, BTW, they merely cost $300K EACH, but they will pay for themselves in savings on yer insurance premiums.