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Thread: Thanks to Mike for representing our intersts

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    Thanks to Mike for representing our intersts

    Thanks to Mike for standing up for the shooters by addressing the price gouging by some of the hotels there in Cullman. For the most part we were welcomed and folks went out of their way to tell us they appreciated us being there. It took a couple of bad apples to cause problems and Mike addressed them publicly.

    We stopped to grab a bite on the way out of town and the manager stopped at our table and visited. He said they were flooded with shooters and their families over the weekend and hoped we had enjoyed our stay in Cullman...first time that's ever happened to us.

    I look forward to going back next year.

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    I think that is the reason I enjoyed London, Ky. so much. They didn't jack-up the prices, and there was a genuine interest for ASA being there. The Baymont Inn there even had the lobby decked out for us archery guys and gals. Chewed the fat so-to-speak with the employees there and they seemed to be grateful for us being there. Even though I didn't shoot worth a crap, I plan on going back to london again next year. I hate it when places do that. I probably would spend more money out in the town if the rooms didn't call a small fortune..


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