Well since the ASA season is over it's time for some more of that fancy smancy archery. So if any of you want to come down to Easton Newberry on 9/7-9/8 you can shoot a full FITA round with us. All you need is to be a member of NFAA or NAA. This is our State shoot so we should have quite a few shooters there.

The format is 90, 70, 50, and 30 meters for male adult and juniors. Old dudes and women shoot a 70, 60, 50 and 30 meter format. So that you know there's about 1.1 yards in a meter. The two furthest ranges are at a 122 cm face and the two closest are at an 80 cm face. Saturday you shoot the 122 cm and Sunday the 80 cm. At each distance you shoot 36 arrows.

There some other rules that are a little different so ask away if you are interested in playing.