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Thread: Teaching an Old Dog new tricks ain't easy.

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    You ain't getting my scott wrist strap

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    Weather still the pits, I get out very little. Back tension...This works for index and thumb releases, but you gotta think "back tension" all the while aiming and aiming is what you're really doing as back tension is there (so long as you don't give up on it). Every so slowly the (back) tension "draws" up, creeps into that release side "R" muscle group (I thought there was only one muscle) and magically the release fires. The real problem is, you can say it easier than done.

    So we had January thaw, short lived.... I get that back tension thing going a just hammering what I'm aiming at. Problem number 2; Really using back tension you shot impact changes location - so I adjusted my sight so I was hammering what I was aiming at. Problem number 3; Remembering to engage back tension when you practice again. Couple of shots a couple inches left doesn't help your attitude....Mmmm? Altitude? I was kind of "up in the air."
    Problem number 4; Remember to remove safety crosspin the Stan MoreX hinge releases. Yeah, all set, I'm on, that miserable 12 ring is history and CLICK!
    Again, Mother Nature has decided we need more snow and more cold. I finally get out and it's "startin' to learn day" all over again. And having the ole back aching from plowing snow ain't productive neither.....


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