Being 71 years old, and with it sounding like shooting back tension being the best thing since sliced bread, and almost everyone who has been shooting since they stopped using flint tipped arrows, telling me I'd really help my score, I decided to try it, and not give up until I had lost what few teeth I had left, or was convinced that those shooters were right. After reading everything I could find, watching videos until my eyes started to cross, and snapping a string across the living room until everyone thought I had really lost it, not knowing they had hid it from me, I figured that blind bale was challenging me. Didn't take long doing that boring task until I was sure I was ready.
First thing I learned was whatever I do, never forget to draw with that thumb and index finger, and it's going to remind you, better than any drill instructor, the first time you decide to let your thumb and finger remember it on their own.
Second thing is, until you have more experience than me, don't try to show the grandson, by bending over to let him hear the click . MY mouth is still swollen, but all teeth seem to be there, and the bleeding has stopped.
Maybe by the end of January I'll be able to come to full draw without the trembling inside. Even though, I can hide it pretty well, I do have a fear that wasn't there before. I sure hope that burned end in that D loop doesn't slip through.
Think I need a release with a safety? Nah! I'm too hard headed for that.