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Thread: Teaching an Old Dog new tricks ain't easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkhunter View Post
    Hey Clawed --- a TRU Ball "3-fingered what" ??? ---- They make about as many 3-fingered releases, as Carters little pills in one bottle.
    You got that right, but I only need one to shoot. Oh, and also the one that is waiting for me somewhere in the tall weeds. you see this free internet information said just release my fingers and it would fire. Absolutely correct, releasing my fingers sent my arrow and release down range, but neither where I was aiming. Guess maybe they didn't mean for me to completely release my fingers.
    Seems as if I'm to be a real hinge shooter, as Sonny said a collection of them to show, will be a necessity. Maybe it's like grandmothers and pictures of their grandchildren, let me show you my hinges. Someone even told me that changing hinges every few shots would help accuracy, Hmm now there's a reason for a larger release bag, but I'm determined to master it.
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    What's muscle memory? At my age, I it's hard to remember having muscles, or memory.


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