I have noticed a troubling trend among some of the kids shooting the Super Senior class, and that is there's an increasing number trying to move into the Geezer class. That just is not acceptable. So I'm suggesting a new rule which will govern the class size for Senior Masters.

"No shooter shooting the Super Senior class may move into the Senior Master class, regardless of age, unless an existing member of the Senior Master class goes toes up on a permanent basis. Further, prior to moving into the elite class of Senior Masters the aspiring Super Senior must identify which existing geezer of the Senior Master class they intend to replace when said Senior Master shooter goes toes up. It will be the responsibility of the Super Senior to reach a contractual agreement with the Senior Master member and provide adequate financial incentive for the Senior Master to adopt him."

Now that simple, easy to understand, doable, and above all, fair to the existing members of geezer nation.

I am just tired of these kids coming into the class, increasing the numbers in the class, and pushing me further and further down the finishing order.

Can I have an "Amen!"?