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Owing to the fact that I am 62 years old and walked over 45 miles last week I sometimes forget that anyone under 60 thinks of themselves as a senior. Couple of quick notes:
1 - We will try to be more aware of our "younger" seniors, but Elkhunter is right, our motto is "see a senior, give him a ride!"
2 - Please disregard the incorrect information posted by "bhtr3d". The back route he refers to is unsafe and is not open during actual competition. Taking it would put you squarely behind targets being shot.
3 - We will be trying some new lay-outs for the practice bags including setting up separate areas for the longer and shorter distances, and some smaller target set-ups to move people around.

Thanks for attending and keeping us aware of issues that we need to address.


Part of my original concern that brought me to make this post was for a member in my group who was six months removed from a quadruple by-pass, and who appeared to be short of breath from the heat and humidity after the walk.

Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and respond! It means a lot to know that you and your staff are keeping your fingers on the pulse of events!

See you at Ft. Benning!