If you shot the hunter class in West Monroe, you more than likely heard me call the upper 12 on Sunday morning. It was brought to my attention this past weekend that while most of the shooters thought it was somewhat funny, one guy got very upset and went to the range official to complain about it. I had a situation at a qualifier this season, where I had called the upper 12 and did not even notice that the other shooters at my stake were busy talking to everyone else in the lane and did not hear or acknowledge that I had called it.(my mistake)

I have from that point on, called the upper 12s pretty loud and it has become somewhat of a joke with my friends in our state. I was shooting with a great group in WM and we had alot of fun. On Sunday, I yelled upper 12 very loud and it got a good laugh.

My question is: How loud is too loud? I know that I should not disurb other shooters with my conversation, however, the only guy who got mad about it, was not even at the stake and was pretty far down the range from what I was told. What are your thoughts?