This is meant strictly as constructive criticism. The ASA game is by far my favorite, and I have shot plenty of the "other". It runs smooth for the most part, and attending ASA events is great fun. One of the best things about ASA is how those in charge listen to the shooters (customers) when they see something that could be done better. This is my intention. The observations I'm sharing have been voiced by others as well as myself.

In the first 3 tournaments of the season, I am noticing a trend. The ranges are getting much shorter in Semi Pro. In fact, it has essentially become a 45 yard class and in my opinion does little to prepare for Open Pro. The average shot seems to be about 34-37 yards. Only a handful are over 40 yards, and none approach 50 yards. Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that the range is shared with the Unlimited Class (a 45 yard class). Most in that class have been warned that they are on the Semi Pro range and 50 yard shots are possible, but they are pretty much nonexistent the last couple years.

Also, it seems that peer grouping for Semi Pro is a thing of the past. It was something most archers I knew enjoyed. I realize it adds work to the office, but I wanted to mention it since many love it.

Hopefully, this issue (the targets being set at shorter distances) will be addressed. When I finished shooting last month (in under 3.5 hours, great job range officials!), I went to watch my wife in Women's Open A finish her round. I heard many comments that their range looked longer than the one we shot. As somebody who may very likely never compete in the Open Pro class, I would still love to see a range that is more of a stepping stone to that class.

Darin DeNeal