Times a runnin out folks, almost time ta start warmin up yer rig ta head fer Cullman --- whose all goin n' do ya know yer steak yet ???

After the Georgia State Shoot this past weekend I AM FIRED UP !!! Them new 12-seekin arrahs I made up really found there home with (10)12's otta (30) targets. It was a fearce battle, and there was 7 otta are top shooters there, and Older (younger than me)only beat me out by 2pts.

We gonna hafta leave a lil earliern normal cause gotta make a deture ta CLAWEDs' farm ta pick up some a his fresh brewed dark choclate that I promised all the princesses in the ASA trailer. I'll make sure I keep it on ice, so it don't turn into a choclate shake. I did a search on dark choclate, and found out the "Gernsie Brand" is the best, so that's what I custom ordered from CLAWED.

Well, good luck to tall, and have a safe trip without falling !!!