The more I think bout it, it looks like they split up "The Three Amigos" on purpose, like they didn't want any steak ta turn inta "Comedy Central" at such a serious event --- like, us get serious ??? --- the probability of that is about 30 below zero !!!

Carlos --- my bow don't shoot bullets --- now its been known a time er two ya might hafta dodge a release now n' then when I loose my grip on it, but that won't happen this weekend.

SOOOO, Carlos is the designated "range cop" huh --- him and which of his "undercover brothers" ???

Such a beautiful Bama morning --- foggy n' drizzly n' dreary ---lookin at the Doppler it looks like gonna clear off in a bit, so it should turn into a nice day --- coarse a bad day a archery is better than a good day a work.

See y'all at the site after shower n' brakefast !!!