hoyt archery pro am

Hoyt Pro/Am

Foley, Alabama | February 25th - 28th, 2021


Easton Southwest Shoot Out

Paris, Texas | Apr 22nd - 25th 2021


TRU Ball / Black Eagle Pro/Am

London, Kentucky | June 3rd - 6th, 2021


Mathews Pro/Am

Metropolis, Illinois | June 24th - 27th, 2021


Elite Archery Pro/Am

Cullman, AL | July 29th - Aug 1 2021


McKenzie ASA Classic

Russell County, Alabama | Aug 26th - 29th, 2021


2021 Texas Shootdown and Range issues PLEASE READ

To All ASA Paris Texas Competitors,

Thank you for attending the Paris Pro/Am, and please accept my apology for some of the issues that arose in Paris. I must admit up front that the number of shooters that attended caught us off-guard because in 2019 we only had 1,335 shooters in Paris and this year we had over 1,700. Unfortunately Paris is the only site where we only have eleven (11) 20-target ranges (as opposed to at least thirteen at all of our other sites), but we did have a range assignment plan for 1,600 shooters which was more than our previous record attendance of 1,550 in Paris. The additional shooters,

and the limited range capacity, left us little choice but to allocate as many as six shooters to the stake. To make things even slower the rain on Friday made the already wet conditions worse, and the temporary foam that McKenzie used made arrows extremely hard to pull which further delayed the shooting. As the old saying goes “only losers need excuses” so this is mine. Please understand that to accommodate so many shooters we will continue to assign some of our male classes (such as K-40) to the 7:30am / 3:30pm Saturday times, but all of our classes will continue to have the Friday option. We currently have a range assignment plan for London, KY that will accommodate 2,150 shooters and have no more than five to a stake.

With regard to the Pro Shoot Down I was extremely sorry that I did not address the wrong call made during the Women's competition when it happened. Because that particular score was irrelevant to the final outcome, and I couldn't personally see the televised feed, I failed to have them correct this error so that was on me. Regarding your concerns about other calls, I have reviewed the footage and can understand why someone could have the wrong impression. Without sounding dismissive of your concerns please understand that unless someone is physically looking at an arrow from all angles we know that a camera cannot be relied on to replace the experience of someone who has been doing this for over 25 years. That being said we will be making some adjustments to our procedures to address the concerns arising from the additional scrutiny that the camera seems to be creating.  

Thank you again for your support, and please know that we will always work to do better.