Q1: What class should I shoot in?

Your equipment and ability determine the class you have to shoot in.  Please follow this link to the ASA Rules and scroll down to the Class Definitions section to find the competition class you should shoot in https://asaarchery.com/rules/pro-am-tour-rules .

Q2: Do I have to slow my bow down to shoot ASA Federation Tournaments?

Each competition class is limited to a maximum bow speed.  To find the maximum bow speed for your competition class refer to the Class Definitions in the ASA Rules.  A chronograph should be used to find your bow speed.  Please follow this link to the ASA Rules https://asaarchery.com/rules/pro-am-tour-rules.

Q3: How do I find an ASA club near me?

The ASA Current Clubs List will help you find an ASA Club near you.  Please follow this link to the ASA Current Clubs List https://asaarchery.com/about-asa-federation/current-clubs

Q4: How do I find my ASA State Director?

Please follow this link to find the contact information for an ASA Federation Director in your region or state https://asaarchery.com/about-asa-federation/director-s-list-listing

Q5: How do I qualify for the State Championship?

In order to compete in a state championship, you must qualify in that state.  
1.  A shooter who competes in one (1) ASA State Qualifiers (of the state they want to shoot the state in), regardless of finish will qualify for that State’s Championship.

Q6: Does everyone have to qualify to compete in the State Championship?

Everyone has to qualify unless they are exempted by the list below:
A.  ASA Lifetime Members are automatically qualified to compete in any ASA State Championship.
B.  All Youth and Eagle competitors are automatically qualified to compete in their ASA State Championship, but must have a current ASA membership.

Q7: Can I shoot a State Championship in a different State than the one I live in?

All ASA Members must qualify to compete in ASA State Championship tournaments in each state unless they are exempt due to age or membership category.  ASA Life Members and Eagle Class competitors may compete in any ASA State Championship without qualifying through a Federation Qualifier tournament.  All other ASA Members must qualify in a State to shoot that ASA State Championship.

Q8: When do I have to join ASA to shoot?

Anyone wishing to compete in the ASA State Championship or a Pro/Am must join ASA as a full member or family member on or before the day of the competition.

Q9: Do I have to wear a collared shirt to shoot ASA Federation Tournaments?

Clubs will set their own standards for appropriate clothing according to weather, terrain, and accepted club and area standards. ASA Pro/Am clothing guidelines are recommended, but not required.

Q10: Are ASA Federation and Pro/Am rules the same?

The ASA Federation and Pro/Am Rules of Competition are the same except where the Federation Rules have been amended to allow ASA Federation Clubs to tailor tournaments to their region.  ASA Pro/Am Rules of Competition https://asaarchery.com/about-asa-federation/director-s-list-listing should always be followed except where modified by the ASA Federation Rules (link to Federation Rules when they are on the web site).