Special Events at the Pro/Am

Zebra Trophy Bowstrings Team Shoot: The official “Zebra Bowstrings Team Shoot” will feature teams with a professional partner shooting with up to 5 amateur partners on a ten-target range. The winning team on each range will receive a payback of $80.00 per member and each amateur will receive a certificate for Zebra Trophy Bowstrings. All second place members from each range will receive $60.00.  Team Shoots with Pro Partners will be on Thursday at noon.  Youth and up that shoot in 25+ yard classes.

The Elite Archery Known Distance Shoot: Two ten-target ranges with maximum yardages of 40 yards & 50 yards and you compete against your own class. The entry fee is $20.00 with 70% of the entry fee paid back to the top 20% in each class using the ASA payback schedule. Tee-times are available at the range on a first-come basis on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday shooting times are available beginning at noon, and Sunday times will be available until 9:00 AM for classes that shot both rounds on Saturday. The “High 50 Yard” and “High 40 Yard” winner from each Pro/Am will qualify to participate in a special round of the The Elite Archery Known Champoins at the Classic for a gift certifcate from The Outdoor Group. Please note that due to safety concerns Youth and Eagle classes will not be eligible to shoot this event.

ASA Future Champions Coaching Clinic: Held Saturday following completion of the Eagle class competitions until 3:00PM. These eagles are invited to participate in a special session that will include lunch, coaching, and mini-competitions for $20.00 per eagle. These sessions are designed to extend the value of the child’s archery participation at ASA and also allow the parents to compete. Parents that are not competing are welcome to assist.

ASA Future Champions Pro Session: The Pro Session is open to all youth competitors and is held at 1:30 PM on Saturday with Pros providing instruction. The youth award ceremony will be held at 2:00 PM Central / 3:00 PM Eastern.