Winner NamesClassDistance from Hitting the DotPrize Package
1-Braden Gellenthien Pro Known 3.125" Full range of McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tournament targets
2-Kyle Douglas Pro Known 4" Traeger Grill
3-Lewis Holmes Pro Known 5.25" Realtree Grizzly Cooler
4-Josh Lindstrom Known 50 6.125" Hoyt Bow
5-Timothy Madden Open B 9.625" Mathews Bow
6-Jordan Dearman Women's Open B 10.875" Mathews Bow
40 yard range winner: Josh Lindstrom K40 116/8
50 yard range winner: Tim Gillingham PK 114/7


Congratulations to Josh Lindstrom and Tim Gillingham who each won a LimbSaver package including a bow and a complete line of accessories

LocationFirst NameLast NameClassScoreASA#Event
Classic Brady Hempen K50 118-9 13349 High 50 Yard
Classic Greg Mancini PK 118-9 48383 High 50 Yard
Classic Shawn Beebe OC 118-9 36462 High 40 Yard
Classic Kapt Brandt MOM 106-5 47596 High Youth

*After qualifying anyone who subsequently hits the dot gets a $25 Lancaster Gift Card - Maximum 2 cards per event       

LocationASA#First NameLast NameClass
Classic JW Pskowski K45 14554
Classic Ryan Thomason SMI 40600
Classic Christopher Hammond SMI 70829
Classic Zack Myers K45 34147
Classic Sam Wolthuis PK 16386
Classic Nathan Brooks PK 7719
Classic Phillip Uphold K40 48883
Classic Timothy Madden OB 39338
Classic Christopher Underwood OB 44072
Classic Keith Thomas OA 70341
Classic Donnie Thacker PK 17630
Classic Colton Hamilton PK 48426
Classic Kyle Douglas PK 50656
Classic Roy Neeley K45 16063
Classic Steve Brecount OA 41720
Classic Brent Barron OA 30195
Classic Heath McGill CB 24009
Classic Justin Ross K45 44156
Classic Steve Brecount OA 41720
Classic Roy Don Neeley Jr K45 16063
Classic Dylan Childers OB 44616
Classic Timothy Madden   39338
Classic Kolby Hanley K50 49611
Classic James Barkhimer PK 49768
Classic Scott Pollock PK 25009
Classic Braden Gellenthien PK 31770
Classic Kyle Douglas PK 50656
Classic Forrest Cooper OA 37184
Classic Ryan Johnson PK 46792
Classic Anthony Smith OB 47575 **
Classic Bo Weaver K45 35477
London 53422 Chad Worrall OC
London 32934 John Adams PK
London 41397 Lewis Holmes III PK
London 50699 Alex Wifler PK
Ft Benning 31684 Hunter Jacobs K50
Ft Benning 45098 Dylan Gilbert SMI
Foley, AL 46889 Wes Kinder PK
Foley, AL 37499 Beverley Stambul WK45
Foley, AL 41278 Trenton Adams OB
Foley, AL 30944 Matt Millard SMI
Foley, AL 38346 Casey Weston PK
Foley, AL 27520 Robbie Rollins SMI
Foley, AL 49492 Shane Leksell K40
Foley, AL 4274 Joby Shaw PM