Winner NamesClassDistance from Hitting the DotPrize Package
1-Tim Gillingham Pro Known 2.25" Full range of McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tournament targets (tie broke 3.875")
2-Alex Knight Open C 2.25" Mathews Bow (tie broke 6.5")
3-Shane Bragg Pro Open 3.75" Mathews Bow
4-Dylan Gilbert Open B 4.375" Hoyt Bow
5-Michael Heitz Known 50 5.00" Hoyt Bow
6-Sammy Closser Crossbow 6.75" Nikon Optics pkg
7-Russ Freeman Known 45 12.75" Limbsaver pkg
40 yard range winner: Jase Boils Open C 120/12
50 yard range winner: Brandon Shehan Pro Open 116/8

Congratulations to Brandon Shehan and Jase Boils who each won a LimbSaver package including a bow and a complete line of accessories

All Long Shot  winners qualify for the Team Realtree Shoot Off           *After qualifying anyone who subsequently hits the dot gets a $25 Lancaster Gift Card - Maximum 2 cards per event        

EventFirst NameLast NameASA#Class
Classic Keith Thomas 70341 OB
Classic Tyler Dameron 37084 K50
Classic Cole Smith 46225 OB
Classic Houston Smith 70868 PM
Classic Kevin Stacey 39969 PS
Classic Wesley Kinder 46889 K50
Classic Sam Wolthuis 16386 PK
Classic Danny Evans 9758 PM
Classic Gaius Carter 44400 HOM
Classic Spencer Hutson 47918 PK
Classic Brandon Reyes 19485 PM
Classic Shelly Harper 41603 WK40
Classic Tim Gillingham 2325 PK
Classic Darin DeNeal 12081 SMI
Classic Michael Heitz 41867 K50
Classic Russ Freeman * 40226 K45
Classic Brian Coles 40154 OB
Classic David Houser 70926 PK
Classic James Begaye 48181 SK
Classic Forrest Cooper 37184 OA
Classic Quinton Taylor 38853 OA
Classic Clint Holland 40661 SMI
Classic Roy Neeley 16063 OC
Classic Donnie Thacker 17630 PK
Classic Mark Ritchie 36162 PK
Kentucky Long Shot Tony Tazza 4084 Sr Pro
Kentucky Long Shot Brady Hempen 13349 K45
Kentucky Long Shot Donnie Thacker 17630 KN Pro
Kentucky Long Shot Travis Mc Clard 50631 OA
Kentucky Long Shot Hunter Jacobs 31684 OA
Kentucky Long Shot Bryan Robbins 70427 SK
Kentucky Long Shot Steven Rigney 29959 K45
Kentucky Long Shot Shane Bragg 19786 Op Pro
Kentucky Long Shot Jamie Thomas 35627 K50
Kentucky Long Shot Scott Prather 38056 K40
Kentucky Long Shot Garrett Wolf * 44540 HOM
Kentucky Long Shot Dylan Gilbert 45098 OB
Kentucky Long Shot Seth Greene 33293 SMI
Kentucky Long Shot Anthony Smith * 47575 OC
Kentucky Long Shot John Runyon 16522 K50
Ft Benning Long Shot Brad Adams 37834 SMI
Ft Benning Long Shot Lenny Simmons 15921 K50
Ft Benning Long Shot Dennis Massey 253 SSK
Ft Benning Long Shot J Karlo Andrada 42620 K45
Ft Benning Long Shot Joe Rose 15064 SK
Ft Benning Long Shot Joby shaw 40274 PM
Ft Benning Long Shot Ethan Zumwalt * 45064 K40
Foley Long Shot Russ Freeman 40226 K45
Foley Long Shot Chris Norton 35121 PS
Foley Long Shot Andy Garbrecht 46079 K40
Foley Long Shot Dusty Arrington 38252 K50
Foley Long Shot Jim Flowers 18344 SR
Foley Long Shot CB Scruggs 37247 SMI
Foley Long Shot Kyle Geary 44095 OC
Foley Long Shot Casey Weston 38346 K50
Foley Long Shot Brodie Reed 44689 OB
Foley Long Shot Joshua Gerard 42613 K45
Foley Long Shot Robbie Rollins 27520 SMI
Foley Long Shot Matt Meeks 33295 SMI
Foley Long Shot Larry Tanner 45841 BN
Foley Long Shot Jeremy Elliott 30417 PK
Foley Long Shot JW Pskowski 14554 K45
Foley Long Shot Dylan Gilbert 45098 OB

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate when shooting with the Pros

Second Place - $60 EACH

Friday Am/Am

RANGE W - Lower (Pink Card)  RANGE W UPPER (Purple Card) 
Cindy Bennet First   Dusty Arrington First
Jason Bennet 32 Up   Justin Ross * 38 Up
Steven Sanders     Ryan Wilson  
Kaleb Moser *     Jaime Brecount  
Vickie Eaves        
Eddie Francisco Second   Casey Weston Second
Andre Earthly 22 Up   Jonathan Briggs 28 Up
Amos Leis     Jason Boehm  
Scott McDonald     Teddy Poe  
Brenda Zannetakis     Darlene Fugett  
Willie Johnson        
RANGE X - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE X UPPER (Purple Card)  
Tim Nelson First   Dennis Mickles First
Troy Pickles 32 Up   Matthew McKenna 42 Up
Albert Carson *     Dave Wenner  
Rick Shuffield     Lane Brandt  
Leah Seaton     Chasity Tallent  
Steve Warf Second   Shannon Forsythe Second
Charlie Anderson 26 Up   Bill Lewis 36 Up
Dominick Lee     Sammy Beene  
Brandon Whitt     Angela Nester  
Brodie Boozer     Michele Norton  
RANGE Y - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Purple Card)  
James Weeks First   Taylor Campbell First
Derek Nester 26 Up   Scott Parrott 46 Up
Butch Heath     Jack Elliot  
David Barron     Garrett Wolf  
Katie Skinner     Hannah Montoya  
Richard Statler Second   Ron Hayburn Second
David Ambrose 22 Up   Alan Bradford 44 Up
Tim Baker     Codie Etnier  
Gabriella Colbert     Jacqualine Lehman  
Matthew Baker        
RANGE Z - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Z UPPER (Purple Card)  
Corey Bryant First   Aric Camp First
Lalonde Begaye 26 Up   Paul Vaughn * 36 Up
Bobby McLain     Lamar Pettit  
Frank Lorence     Clifton White  
Howard Starcher     Micah Greene  
Brent Woodward        
Jason Goldman Second   Forrest Cooper Second
Keith Ahlstrom 8 Up   Mike Tallent Up
John Black     Charles Young  
Les Bagley     Michael Smith  
Daren Weaver *     Jarrod Sizemore *  

Kermit Sissons *





Thursday Pro/Am  
RANGE X - Lower (Pink Card)  RANGE X UPPER (Purple Card) 
Bob Morgan First   Brad Wheeler First
CB Scruggs 28 Up   Chrisine Harrelson 36 Up
Keith Bergeron     Mike Tallent  
Jim Bowerman     Jim Ford  
Joe Disney     Gaius Carter  
Samuel Greene        
Chalres Blankenship Second   Scott Price Second
Richard Teasley 26 Up   Pam Hockman 28 Up
Dennis Page     John Black  
Brad Wood     Eric Floyd  
Rick Shuffield     Samuel Baummer  
RANGE Y - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Purple Card)  
Danny Evans First   Ty Adkins First
Justin Phipps 42 Up   Patrick McGowan 44 Up
Taylor White     Lance Elledge  
RE Smith     Mark Trombley  
Sydney Sullenberger     Karen Rickles  
Shane Siers Second   Darrin Christenberry Second
Vaden Begaye 39 Up   Dale Kuhnert 43 Up
Tom Robbins     Danny Barnes  
Ken Moseley     Ethan Johnston  
Dakota Joiner        
RANGE W - Lower (Pink Card)     RANGE W UPPER (Purple Card)  
Casey Weston First   Brad Jones First
Dusty Arrington 46 Up   Roy Richards 30 Up
Wayne Seymour     Steve Williams  
Tim Nelson     Brandi Stowers  
Katelyn Bordwell        
Sammy Price        
Mark Ritchie Second   Stan Harmon Second - Tie
Cameron Herbert 36 Up   Matthew McKenna 28 Up
Tom Link     Reagon Worley  
Wayne Hale     Colby Self  
Brenda Zannetakis     Ted Strychalski *  
Brian Tunstill     Troy Pickles  
      Keith Moore  
      Richard Knight  
      Jacob Apache  
      Coltin Hamilton *  
      Chris Cheshey *  
      Colton Gibbs  
      Michael Archer  
      Dylan Fikes  
      Spencer Hutson  
      Clifton Walker  
      Ryan Wilson  
      Jamilee Moore  
      Chasity Tallent