Zebra Trophy X Bowstrings and Cables Team Shoot

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate only when shooting with the Pros ON THURSDAY

Second Place - $60 EACH

FRIDAY TEAM SHOOT McKenzie ASA Classic Am/Am Illinois 

RANGE W - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE W UPPER (Blue Card) 
Jesse Wilhelm First   Eric Top Tie First
Antonio Abraham 36 Up   Jace Brown 40 Up
Dave Shirley     Rita Daley  
Richard Richter     Caden Frederick  
Katie Skinner     James Greer  
      Landyn Cox  
      Eli Bartron  
Bradley Drum Tie Second   Robin Greer  
Justin Yoder 34 Up      
Barry Henderson        
Austin Forbes        
Mark McFadyen        
David Rosenbalm        
Randy Agee        
Bobby Chester        
Randy Agee Jr        
Kurt Halder        
RANGE X - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE X UPPER (Blue Card)  
Nate Adkins First   Dustin Kerbow First
Tyler Wahls 34 Up   Jason Warner 34 Up
Josh Yoder     Josh Sumner  
Gabriella Colbert     Morgan Rives  
Ashley Tackett     Seth Pipes  
Chris Bell Second   Blake Bell Second
Tyler Elliott 32 Up   John Hollar * 30 Up
Jeff Case     Martin Nicholas  
Melissa Peterson     Delia Adkins  
Anna Jones     Jerrard Brown  
RANGE Y - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Blue Card)  
Gerrall Wynn First   Jimmy Pratt First
Dan Lawless 34 Up   Johnny Perhealth 46 Up
Todd Pauley     David Lay  
Jesse Pinson     Patty Watson  
Andrew Hubbs     A J Clements  
Scott Hamlin * Second   Joel Maxfield * Second
Joe Rose 30 Up   Rowdy Givens 34 Up
Jeff Winn     Gary Crain  
Jason Adams     Nora Miles  
Jamilee Moore     Grace Moore  
RANGE Z - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE Z UPPER (Blue Card)  
Bob Sampson Tie First   Ryan Hawks First
Darrin Campbell 30 Up   Ryan Jeffries 42 Up
Gary Mumpower     Anthony Smith  
Al Hankins     Kolby Crooks  
Barry Moon     Ted Weisenbach  
Buks Barnard        
Lindsay Holley     Larry Tanner Second
Micah Greene     David Hasty 34 Up
Richard Mann *     Jon Finnell  
Nathan Worthington     Spanky Briggs  
Charles Buhler     Darlene Fugett  
Kenneth Hileman     Brayden Jones *